too early

I've got this wonderful black hat from primark - even tho I never shop at that store - but sometimes u can get good looking pieces for a less price! And accessories always make ur outfit looking extraordinary.
Im obssesed with ZARA. Well, in Germany theres the only one shop where I get my fashion. I usually go to Poland or USA, or I shop online. But even tho, my closet consists in 80% of ZARA clothes.   

I want to thank my awesome friends Xenia, Evi and Lena who made me start this blog and for their support! They came to my place last week at 7 AM (!!!) while I was still im my Juicy Couture PJS, ready to start the photoshooting for my blog. They even never ever got up so early for the college!!! So thanks a lot for the commitment.

shirt, shoes, backpack ZARA