Parka for life!


I bought my parka 2 year ago and it's still in! Incredibble! And you know whats good about it? Saving money and staying warm! Winter is the worst and most dangerous time for fashion and honestly your body can't afford to be neglected! I can't look at my parka anymore but it's saving me during this terrible period. I alway put on tons of layer cause I'm always freezing like crazy! 

Wearing Zara Boots, Zara Vintage Sweater, Mango Pants, H&M Glows, DKNY Bag.

p.s. Thanks a lot to my lovely friend Maria Montane! She made me do this shooting. 
First I was whining and complaining how much I hate my old parka! Hahaha!

Photos Maria Montane 



  1. lovely parka! I was also thinking of buying one, and seeing how good it looks on you makes me wanna buy it even more! :)

  2. love this scarf!!!!!!!!!!!! i noticed that you have a lot of scarfs the are awesome!!!