the beauty of renovation

Imagine how beautiful a naked bathroom can be... its so #blogger #hipster #instagram! hahaha! 
I was kinda fascinated of the colors and the mood in the undone bathroom so I thought I'll take some pics instead of working and cleaning it up (hope my BF never read my blog!).

Renovation is a super tough thing... You have think of stuff you never thought about before. Like what kind of tails do you want or what color should have the space between the tails... 

The worst part for me is to go shopping to Bauhaus, Hornbach and other stores like that over and over again! ITS SOOOO BORING! (And the no ZARA nearby) I don't get the guys – they can spend hours at this kind of stores. But on the other hand I get it now how they feel about the girls spending time at the fashion stores haha! 

The other very bad point of renovation is that you SHOULD save money! Well at least if you buy something it might be useful for your new apartment. If you buy a jacket only cause it was the final sale and it was so cheap, you BF is gonna yell at you and ask you why didn't you buy a vacuum instead! But I'm not able to be on a shopping rehab as long as we renovate.

The solution is manage your money well, buy things at IKEA, H&M HOME, ZARA HOME.... and at ZARA (by mistake of course...). Be super cool with your boyfriend – buying an apartment and renovate it from zero is a very hard thing. Support him and be strong for you both. 
I can't wait till its done and we finally went through it so we can annoy each other in living together!


  1. Haha I can spend hours at a DIY store! I love doing everything myself and finding little treasures for DIYs! Good luck with the bathroom!

    Ines | London Last Night

  2. Love post and love the pictures <3

  3. I'm not so skilled in DIY :) Cool pictures!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena